Balaji Cancer Foundation

Balaji Cancer Care

Balaji Cancer Care (BCC)

Our BCC program designed to provide the best possible diagnosis and treatment options to the financially backward pediatric cancer patients.We talking care of poor and under priviledge pediatric cancer patient from all over the India. We works on face to face service for providing medicines and equipments directly to parents. We also provides financialsupport to the patient’s parents who are unable to give their children proper care & treatment.

Our process of heal & care covers 10 easy steps to adopt patient.

Balaji Education System

Balaji Education System (BES)

Our BES program is an initiative to conduct an educational support program (Scholarship/Fellowship) with the aim of providing financial and technical assistance for the education of pediatric cancer patients.Our team consist of Research Scholar & experienced Education Mentors, who have design an education system for children who are suffered from Cancer and under the treatment. We created a system to send many children in schools and to give theme education with special heal & care. The objective of this process to make children from this category able to contribute in nation development & put themselves on the stage for better future.