Balaji Cancer Foundation

The  Balaji Cancer Foundation operates with the nation development vision of offering a unique combination of medical and educational assistance with a modern and supportive environment for Cancer Patient from all around the world & from all walks of life. We are a group of professionals, social workers and doctors from different domain of the world working together to assist cancer affected children from financially backward families in India. We always try to provide financial, clinical, educational, logistics and moral support for the patients and their parents throughout the process of treatment  and rehabilitation.  Balaji Cancer Foundation has been registered under Govt of Delhi vide Reg.No. DL496325045907630.

A/C Details :

A/C Name :. Balaji Cancer Foundation
A/C No. 916020046546311

People as Team for Revolution against Cancer Threat.

Ekta Chaudhary
Director & Founder

Dharmendra Singh
Founder Partner & Director Vandana Tiwari

Jyoti Chauhan
HR Manager

Pankaj Sharma
Operation Manager

Sapna Chaudhary
Sr. Volunteer

Sr. Volunteer

Jyoti Bala

Manish Kumar

Rohit Sharma

Medical & Educational Support
We commit ourselves to provide the best possible diagnosis and treatment options to the financially backward pediatric cancer patients.We talking care of poor and under priviledge pediatric cancer patient from all over the India. We works on face to face service for providing medicines and equipments directly to parents. We also provides financial support to the patient’s parents who are unable to give their children proper care & treatment.
Our team consist of Research Scholar & experienced Education Mentors, who have design an education system for children who are suffered from Cancer and under the treatment. We created a system to send many children in schools and to give theme education with special heal & care. The objective of this process to make children from this category able to contribute in nation development & put themselves on the stage for better future.

Medical & Educational Support

Professional team for social welfare

24×7×365 Clinical support

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